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Dear All,

Five or six years of working, recording, writing and worrying where things would go, or rather lead to. The album is now entirely finished, mastered and delivered to my new stablemates Real World Records

David Lindvall helped me get up from the most difficult, dark times of the works, and initiated the recordings of ‘Hulls’, my most important song of my career. I am deeply grateful for that. He took a three hour train to come see me and help out. A gorgeous man.

Me and Klabbe Hörngren have come a long way preparing, rehearsing and thinking hard about our coming 20 live shows in the pipe. Thanks to Emanuel Lundgrens initial ideas for how to do this thing, what sounds to use, what kind of aesthetics to aim for. we have something inspirational. You can see him at one of his bests, at the live recording of that Cardigans song we made. Agnes Fries have taken nothing and built an amazing visual world around LD. I get to dream, and she visualises it.

Ane Brun and Jennie Abrahamsson became such an important lead to bridging to Mr Gabrieland to Real World. Life moves in quite mysterious ways. Klas Lunding, the legend helped form, and pep the making of the album.

Come see our shows this fall, happy to see Rotterdam is selling out. Hamburg, Brussels, Paris, Dortmund, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Düdingen, Haldern, Kaltern and on Umeå Jazz. Before that, the WOMAD festival, + a real world session. Jönköping, Falkenberg, a secret Gothenburg show, and we’re finishing the summer in Pildammsparken in Malmö.

So deeply happy and grateful to be able to do this. And thanks for bearing with me, it took a while. Wasn’t looking, but i found you. and yes Jonas. No man is an island.


Session at Real World Studios, Bath. Summer of 2017


We did a session at our record label Real World Records in the summer of 2017. For some reason Emil threw up 23 times in the prior 24 hours, but seems fine here.



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“Humbug” Llawgne remix

Taken from the album Loney dear, ‘Humbug’ is out now on Spotify and other digital outlets, along with the Llawgne Remix. Enjoy it here